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A crown, also known as a cap, will be recommended if a filling cannot stabilize the tooth. Crowns are needed if a large portion of tooth has broken off, or if there is too much decay for a filling to hold the tooth. Crowns strengthen the integrity of a tooth while also improving the overall appearance.

Crowns can be used to create a strong tooth for a partial denture to attach to, helping the appliance to be more secure and therefore increasing the longevity of the partial. Crowns are also the final step in an implant restoration. We work with several great oral surgeons in the area who place the implants, and once the implants have healed we make the post look like a tooth!

A crown is also a good way to cover teeth that are discolored or badly shaped. Some people want their teeth crowned for cosmetic reasons, whether they want a more permanent, whiter smile or they want their teeth straightened without the long process of braces.

Another time a crown is necessary is after a tooth has had a root canal. After a root canal, the tooth stops receiving nutrients from the nerve chamber and it can become brittle and break. A crown will hold the tooth together and also hide any tooth discoloration, which can happen after a root canal.

Our crowns are created from the latest technology. Your crown can have a very long lifespan. We use a material called Zirconia that is white and extremely strong. We also offer gold crowns by request.

What’s the difference between a crown and a bridge? Bridges and crowns are made from the same materials, using the same processes. The difference is that bridges have more teeth involved in the preperation. If you are missing one or more teeth in a row, a bridge can be made to fill in the space. The bridge would attach to two teeth at either end, and the middle tooth/teeth rest on the gums. It is a permanent fixture once glued in, it does not come in and out like partial dentures.

What to expect during a crown appointment:

 During a crown appointment, we make sure you are as comfortable as possible for the procedure and impressions. The area we work on will be numbed, and two impressions are involved; one at the beginning for your temporary crown and one at the end after the tooth is prepped. You will leave the appointment with a white temporary crown to wear for two to three weeks while our lab designs and creates the crown. The crown will be a perfect match to your teeth, and the crowns we use also blend well if you decide to bleach your teeth in the future. At your second appointment, we remove the temporary crown and make sure the permanent crown fits before cementing it on with a resin-based permanent cement. Once the permanent crown is placed it will be as strong as your other teeth and you can treat it like a normal tooth, brushing and flossing around it as usual.

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